The Skinny on Kips


Why A Personal Trainer?

It is no secret, my love hate relationship with diet and exercise.  It is no secret about the love/hate relationship I have with kip my trainer.  I love the fact that he does care and pushes me to limits that I don’t think I would have pushed myself.  I hate how he constantly pushes me about my diet (ummm…yeah I eat French fries…duh..that’s why I am here).   I hate how he constantly stalks my facebook and twitter and instagram and FourSquare.  He has literally changed the way I post for social media.  Kip doesn’t understand that I can take a picture and admire a cupcake but not eat it.  (well…at least I am respectful enough not to post a picture of that).  He brings out every sneaky and crafty behavior I honed as a teenager and some I didn’t know I had.  He has actually helped me improve in some areas.  I can now squat lower in clandestine locations as I inhale my forbidden food.  Let’s talk about that…with trainers everything is forbidden.  I think there is some special selective hearing class that kips (my word for trainers from here on out) are required to take.  I can say I ate celery (no calories) dipped in ranch dressing.  kip doesn’t hear the word celery.  He only hears the word ranch.  He then goes into sad face mode and all the sodium and blah blah blah…sulfites……blah blah blah…sugar.  You would think I ate an entire cake (which for the record I never have, and for the record I have erased off my food bucket list since working out with Kip).  kips are like strict parents.  They want the very best for us even when we can’t see the finish line.


I will admit that I am not an easy client.  I buck the system.  I cannot help it.  It is my very nature to deny the norm.  I have always been a little out of the box (Popeye’s fried chicken box, pizza box..)  I want it (the getting in shape part) I really do, but I am my own worst enemy that is why I need a guy like kip.  Kip was also a sneaky teenager at some point, he knows my wiley ways.  As the trainer he has to try to stay ahead of my crafty thinking. He doesn’t get offended by my cussing or possessing a doll that eerily looks similar to him that I poke pins in its nether regions. He shrugs it off and does his thing which makes me a better person.  We fit together like oil and vinegar, both are so different but oddly together they work. 

So how does one find a kip of their own and why would you want a kip? Everyone has their own personal reasons. A kip can help motivate (the novice as well as the seasoned athlete). They can individualize programs, break through plateaus, help you with specialized skills needed for training for different races or school sports and help you lose weight or look better for a special occasion. There are several reasons that we seek out kips in our lives but where do you find you perfect kip?

One of the best ways to start looking for a kip is to start talking about it. People love to talk about their trainers and or their exercise routines.  If a certain name keeps coming up in conversation you might be wise to look up that person. If you are already going to a gym see who they have on staff and watch the kips training clients. Are they attentive? Do they seem to be into what the client is doing and helping and communicating in a positive manner? Ask some of the kips clients how they like him/her.  The internet is another place to turn when looking for a kip. Google and social media make searching very easy. If you cannot find a kip through any of these channels check out the websites for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) or IDEA  they should have sections on their websites dedicated to helping people find personal trainers in their area. 


Of course people are going to tell you the same old same old things to look for in a kip like education and experience.  Yes, a kip should have some type of basic knowledge in anatomy, physiology and nutrition as well as first aid and C.P.R. they should have also taken and passed an exam from an accredited organization such as The American Council on Exercise, The National Academy of Sports Medicine or The National Strength and Conditioning Association.  Kips should also be up to date in training with the newest trends and health information.  I can’t imagine anything worse than a 12 hour class on kettle bells. Kip couldn’t have been more gleeful and well you know what that meant or the clients…Also remember that your kip can be book smart but real life experience go a long way.  A kip with 25 years of hands on experience and education is a lot more bang for your buck and butt.

Cost is another factor.  Do you want to work out with a kip by your self? Or in your home?  If so be prepared to pay accordingly.  The cost of a kip can seem like a lot but when you factor in time spent with you and time preparing for you as well as liability insurances, education etc. it is relatively small.  You might want to think about training one day a week as opposed to three or in a small group where you are still getting the individualized attention with a less prohibitive cost.  Yet if you think about how much you might spend on a meal in a restaurant or the movies for two you have your money for your kip and the results of a work out are going to out last  that skipped night out.

My top three things to look for in a kip are communication, personality and patience.


  • You are going to be spending a lot of time with this person.  I am not the best of athletes. I need someone who is going to be patient with me.  Kip pushes me at a comfortable pace but pushes me hard enough that it takes me out of the comfort zone I have built for myself.  I am done with drill sergeant type programs that yell at  me and call me names.  Yet that works for some people.  Not me.  Think about what motivates you and how you want to be treated.  Patience is definitely number one on my list.
  • I want to reiterate that you are going to spend a lot of time with your kip.  Therefore its important that your personalities kind of mesh. This person is going to be seeing you at your worst while helping you get to your best.  I am not always nice when I am exercising beyond my comfort zone.  I need someone who isn’t going to take any of the rude comments, foul language and death threats that I spew, in a sweat induced rage, personally.  I want someone who is going to treat me like a real person and friend and not like a statistic.  Kip always has my best interests in mind, even when I do not.  He goes that extra mile sometimes texting or emailing words of encouragement when he knows it’s been a particularly brutal day.
  • You should always be able to talk to your kip and he/she to you. Communication is key to any good relationship.  It is essential that you can say if something doesn’t feel right or if you don’t feel comfortable doing a certain exercise.  Your Kip should listen to your reasons and suggest a different way of doing things.  A good rapport between a trainer/client helps improve the efficiency of the workout, help you break through plateaus and motivate you both towards your fitness goals. 


o.k. my work is done here. Excuse me  while I take the next fifteen minutes to get up off the couch as a result of my last work out with kip three days ago….yeah I forgot to tell you that part…the soreness…that is entirely another blog.

If you are interested in getting my Kip In-Fit Personal Training Studio 605 N Bentz St #104 Frederick, MD 21701 (301) 694-0275


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